Edited by Joanna Brown

This book is a collection of photographs and short biographies of the contributors to the TWENTYEIGHT FINGERS project alongside images of their creative work and of the bronze casts of their fingers. The cover of the book pays homage to the iconic book Twentysix Gasoline Stations by Ed Ruscha (one of the contributors to the project).

Published by Jozart Press
Hardback, 2012
Colour illustrations
154 x 156 mm
ISBN 978-0-9555060-1-7



Cover of Coffee Book


Nebiyu Assefa and Joanna Brown

Coffee is a book of art that is firmly rooted in Ethiopia, the birthplace of coffee. It was inspired by Joanna's visits to Ethiopia where she met the painter, Nebiyu Assefa, and visited Fairtrade Coffee Cooperatives in the mountains of Oromia. The book is the story of the collaboration between Nebiyu and Joanna. It contains a collection of their paintings, sketches, photographs and extracts from their correspondence, and touches on issues of poverty and justice, Fairtrade, co-operatives and Ethiopian culture.

Published by Jozart Press
Hardback, 2007
Colour illustrations
160 x 130 mm
ISBN 978-0-9555060-0-0

Coffee Book


Creating a Forest Garden

Gaia's Feasts

Julia Ponsonby

Joanna took the majority of photographs for Gaia's Feasts which is the "much-anticipated follow-up to Gaia’s Kitchen... With inspiration from home and around the world, it offers an introduction to the Slow Food and Local Food movements, together with a mouth-watering selection of vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free recipes."

Published by Green Books
Paperback, 2014
Colour illustrations
226 x 244mm
ISBN 978-08578405-2-3

Creating a Forest Garden

Creating a Forest Garden

Martin Crawford

Fifty of Joanna's photographs feature in Martin Crawford's highly respected book. Forest Gardening is "a novel way of growing edible crops – with nature doing most of the work for you. A forest garden is modelled on young natural woodland, with a wide range of crops grown in different vertical layers. Unlike in a conventional garden, there is little need for digging, weeding or pest control. Species are carefully chosen for their beneficial effects on each other, creating a healthy system that maintains its own fertility."

Published by Green Books
Hardback, 2010
Colour illustrations
255 x 205 mm
ISBN 978-19003226-2-1

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